What They Say

Lisa Welsh, MA, MFT“When I met Lise, 20 years ago now, I was hungry and scared and pregnant. I hadn’t a clue how to eat or take care of myself, I struggled with deep shame and fear.  All these years later, I still return to Lise from time to time for the same good stuff she gave me then. She is warm, kind, irreverent and funny, like super funny.  But the thing that makes her special, is that she guides me through my own thinking in a way that helps me see that my thinking and behavior is often at odds with what I say I want or need. Every time she helps me arrive at that ah-ha moment, I’m surprised, often delighted (like she did a parlour trick) and I feel so much clearer about my intentions going forward. Not only that, as I practice untangling the knots of my unexamined beliefs, she shows me how to do it myself.” – K.W.

I have learned so much about challenging my own thinking, her methods are effective and empowering.

“I’m unendingly grateful that in 1996, she was the only eating disorder specialist my health insurance could recommend. Learning to nourish myself was a much bigger project than I could have imagined. She has literally saved my life.”  – S.T.

“There aren’t enough words to express the gratitude I have for Lise. I have had my fair share of experiences with therapists and she has by far been the most open, honest, and understanding one I’ve worked with. There was nothing I could tell her that would make me feel judged or misunderstood – she truly has a special way of making you feel comfortable and understood. She was always available in time of need and went above and beyond to help me when I almost had to stop seeing her due to my insurance. Her commitment to her clients and their success is unmatchable. I’m truly grateful for the guidance and support she provided me and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone if I could!”   – A.D.

“Lise is a truly caring therapist and I would go as far as saying a miracle worker! I went to her at a time in college when life felt out of control. I felt more grounded after meeting with her the first time. She remembers details about my life which means she truly cares. I can text her about anything at any time and she will text back when she is available. The thing about meeting with Lise is that we don’t focus so much on what’s wrong in my life.” – J.C.

“She helps me focus on the here and now, and what I need to do on a day-to-day basis to live a healthy, positive life.” – S.P.

“If you struggle with self-esteem, body issues, or an eating disorder, I highly recommend seeing Lise. She will bring light to your life!”   – R.R.

“When I met Lise I was sad, lonely, lost and scared. Feeling stuck in my sickness and reluctant to leave behind the eating disorder that I’ve lived with for so long, Lise provided me with a comfortable, warm and safe environment to begin talking about my struggles, anxiety and fears. She speaks with authentic truth without judgment and presents with a quiet strength and confidence. Her infectious personality, compassionate smile and genuine concern allowed me to open up, face my fears and begin my journey of recovery.” – C.B.

“With Lise’s guidance, I was able to separate my healthy, soul self from my eating disorder self.” – R.C.

“She walked side by side with me through “the fires” of recovery and always greeted me on the other side with her beautiful smile and unconditional commitment to leading me down each challenging, recovery path. She helped me to embrace my healthy, soul self and find connection within. My life is now radiating with spirit, happiness, hope and love.” – L.R.

“Thanks to Lise and my treatment team, I remained steadfast in my journey of a complete recovery. I experienced a transformation of self, a metamorphosis into the most beautiful, lively soul. I am so grateful to Lise for all that she has done for me and all that she will continue to do to help others. Lise Welsh is an amazing person and an extraordinary therapist, no doubt in a league of her own.”  – T.H.

raspberries“By the time I started seeing Lise for my eating disorder, I had been in and out of therapy for many years. I had never really connected to a therapist and I didn’t anticipate it that being any different with her. I could not have been more wrong. Like many people who are dealing with an eating disorder, I had some major trust issues and even though I knew things weren’t great in my world, I wasn’t really willing to admit that they were as bad as they were. The first time I sat across from Lise, I knew that she was going to help me change my life. She was kind, comforting, and safe, but more importantly, she laughed with me, That was huge. She let me talk in the ways that worked for me, and she talked to me like I was more than a client.” – A.R.

“Lise celebrated the things that I had been taught to be ashamed of. She was honest and open and would come to be my rock at a time in my life where there was not a lot of consistency.” – A.K.

“Lise always told me the truth as she saw it and even though I didn’t always agree with her truth I knew that she spoke it from a genuine place that could be trusted. We didn’t always see eye to eye but I learned to be safe in that space, in my voice. She made it safe for me to use my voice no matter what it was that I had to say. She taught me that I have value, that I am lovable and that I am deserving of love. She is an amazing human being, and a brilliant therapist.” – A.K.

“I struggled with an eating disorder for more than 15 years. I met Lise by chance in 1991 and though I wasn’t yet ready to admit that I needed help, I kept her card in my wallet for two years. You could say that I had a feeling I would need it someday.” – L.S.

“It took a lot of courage to call and make that first appointment with her. I had never seen a therapist for anything and admitting that I had let things get so far out of my control was hard. But from the first time I sat down in her office, I knew I had made the right choice.” – N.W.

“Lise very quickly made me feel accepted and comfortable.” This is saying A LOT, given the degree to which I hated who and what I had become at the time. When I didn’t know what to say or where to begin, Lise delicately (yet doggedly) helped me get to the heart of things. I grew to realize that nothing I shared would shock her into rejecting me; in fact, the more I shared the more I felt understood. This was huge. I don’t think I had ever felt understood in my life. – J.K.

“I saw Lise very regularly for 3 years. It is no exaggeration on my part to say that I wouldn’t have been able to survive those three years without her. So when I left Chico to attend grad school, losing contact with Lise was what I feared most. But this is not what happened… Lise has continued to be there for me whenever I’ve needed her. The years since Chico were not all easy ones for me; an eating disorder is never an easy fix. But knowing that I could get in touch with Lise–for a pep talk, some reassurance, a good “kick in the butt” has made more of a difference than I think even she understands. The truth is, I was not an easy client for her. I was never an easy patient in treatment. Most everyone else who ever tried to help me gave up at some point. Lise never did. She never believed that I was hopeless. Never believed that I wouldn’t come out the other side. And her belief in my potential kept my belief in it alive. It IS the reason that I AM alive.  Without Lise’s guidance and undying patience, I would not be the happily married, mother of two, virtually eating disorder-free person that I am.” – M.P.

“There is no therapist I would more highly recommend to anyone. I wish that everyone could have a Lise Welsh in their lives. She has truly made all the difference in mine.”  – L.H.

“She made it safe for me to use my voice no matter what it was that I had to say. She taught me that I have value, that I am lovable and that I am deserving of love. She is an amazing human being, and a brilliant therapist.” – A.K.

“I’ve been working with Lise since October, 2004. I am beyond grateful for the impact that she’s had on my life and my personal growth.  She has challenged my historical ways of thinking, made me feel heard, suggested alternative ways to relate to the relationships in my life — all while holding appropriate and balanced boundaries. She remembers what I tell her and helps me to identify patterns in my behavior. A lot of therapists tell their patients what to do – Lise has never done this with me. Instead of telling me which way to go, she helps me identify my inner compass and helps to guide me along my path. I feel lucky to have found Lise. If you’re lucky enough to work with her, take the opportunity.” – A.C.